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I’m in love with this. Need this relationship.

awww the cuteness

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We all have those days when nothing seems to go your way no matter how hard you try. A bad day here and there isn’t too bad, but what do you do if you’re stuck feeling slow and groggy for a while? Here are some tips on how to brighten up and get your groove back.

1) Write your…


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6 Simple Weight Loss Tips

Yes, you have officially heard this for the gazillionth time, but its oh-so-true. Water is a calorie free liquid that will help you lose weight in addition to providing multiple other health benefits! So how does it work? Well, by drinking water, your body will start letting go of the water it had been holding on to (water that make you look heavy), helping you lose some weight almost immediately. More importantly, we often tend to confuse thirst with hunger. By drinking water when you feel hungry, you will eat less and stack up on fewer pounds.

Read more: http://www.fitnessrepublic.com/nutrition/diet/6-simple-weight-loss-tips


Let’s get bikini ready together!!


Let’s get bikini ready together!!

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Back at it

This time there is no stopping !! I did 2 miles today and 25 squats and later after work I’m doing p90x!! Today is my start date to my journey to fitness !! Thursday 19 2014!!! I will not have any more ruts !! I’ll update my weight every week idk where my current weight is but I think it’s prolly in the 170s


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Did 2 miles in the blazing hot sun OMG